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FAST & FRIENDLY PICK-UP SERVICE AVAILABLE:   We will come to you and pick up your merchandise.  The pick-up fee is based on your location and the quantity of items involved.  Our pick-up fee is deducted out of the sale proceeds of your merchandise, so there is never an out-of-pocket expense for you!   If you're down-sizing, moving, or simply have a few items you are interested selling - give us a call today!   

SELLING YOUR ITEMS:   We prefer to accept items on consignment, but we understand special circumstances may arise and the seller may simply want to settle immediately, rather than wait the period of time it takes to sell an item at auction.  We purchase almost all items that have a reasonable resale value.  We are not collectors and we purchase all items with the intent of selling them in one of our upcoming online auctions.  Because items at auction can go higher or lower than an estimated value, purchased items are anticipated to sell at the lower end of the spectrum and valued accordingly.  In special circumstances, we are able to provide an advance (money up front) for items of significant value which are consigned for auction. 

CONSIGNING YOUR ITEMS:   We accept almost all items on consignment that have a reasonable auction value.  We accept single items and entire collections.  We prefer to accept items with an anticipated auction value of $25.00 or greater.  Our commission fees are 30% for items selling for more than $1000.00; 40% for items selling between $25.00 and $1000.00, and 50% (or $5.00 minimum, whichever is greater) for items selling for less than $25.00. Special commission rates are negotiable for items of significant value or of special interest (guns, some fine jewelry, automobiles, etc.).  We charge a 15% buyer's premium to the purchaser, which they pay in addition to their bid amount. Within 30 days of completion of the auction, sellers will have a check mailed to them, less commission.  Items not sold at auction will be offered at subsequent auctions or returned to the seller. 

CALL US TODAY:  We are always available to answer questions and schedule items for consignment at auction.